Dr. Stuart Himmelstein

“As a physician who has been in private practice for almost 22 years with many of them administratively bleak, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it is getting brighter. Having experienced the spectrum of healthcare delivery systems, medical plans, and organizational entities, I have had my share of disappointments with what seems to have been an endless series of letdowns and failures to follow through and a bureaucracy that just didn’t seem to care. This all changed when we joined forces with the support team that makes up SEPA.

From our first encounters with this team directed by Rene Gomez, our office has benefited from a dedicated team that helps track our utilization, supportive documentation, practice quality measures, coding and the entire gamut of modern complex medical management as part of the team that is our independent office. Regularly, without a missed beat in the rhythm of operations, they are present in a non-overbearing partnership approach.

If we have any questions, the SEPA team is right here for us. If we have insights for a more efficient way of doing something, they are right here working with us as teammates to implement needed changes. They have been most helpful and onboard with making the most complex and arduous aspects of medical delivery management as straightforward and simple as possible. On a regular basis, we have feedback and reports from them reflecting our progress and, should there be any shortcomings, a positive counseling approach, as opposed to the more common modern degrading approach, supported by data on how to improve the operations as a team together.

I think that if more healthcare delivery systems and providers could experience healthcare management in this way that we have enjoyed with SEPA, we would all have a more positive outlook. And, ultimately, the future also would continue to be brighter for the subject of our efforts- our patients.”